ASA Consulting offers Architectural Services

with regards to drawing and design of house plans ranging from Affordable house all the way through to “High to Low End Residential” as well as  Additions and Alterations, which we specialize in, we have in the past been  involved with several commercial , industrial and retail projects, our Project’s Page is where we showcase some of our successful projects. Further, we continually assist various conveyancing attorneys, such as Schindlers Attorneys, Denoon Samson, STBB Attorneys , Otto Krause Inc.  and Dykes van Heerden as well as property practitioners who are faced with properties mandated for sale but where there are no approved plans.

Our Services Include:

making contact with the seller of the property through the property practiotioner and / or the conveyancing attorney or even independent property evaluators,   advising on the plans that require approval, drawing the plans and obtaining the approval from the local authority as well as PHRAG ( Provincial Heritage resource authority –Gauteng), should the building be older than 60 years .

We work through..

with the conveyancing attorneys as well the property practitioner to resolve these issues in the quickest time possible and provide regular feedback to all parties concerned.  In short we take over the process of the approval of plans and report to the parties involved.


With regard to green fields projects,

we have in the past and are currently involved in many new “Res 2,3 & 4” developments and have steered them to completion, from initial design to handover, implementing “green architecture to satisfy the new XA , XB energy efficiency by-laws as well as SANS 204 .Further , we do have the design knowledge and experience to “re-image “ or “remodel” a residential estate implementing new ideas and a fresh look .

In as much as we are a small practice

we are able to charge very competitive professional fees and rates  and still  provide a personalized service. We are registered and a current , paid up member of SACAP ( South African Council for the Architectural Profession) which is a legal governing body in our profession . We are also a member of SAIAT , which is a voluntary governing body , where they offer courses to keep one up to date with the latest trends , methods and new by-laws. ASA Consulting has qualified, young vibrant Architectural Candidates who are under the Principle’s guidance and supervision, visit the properties, Photograph, measure up and work up the drawings to construction/ submission stage.



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