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OUR SERVICES AFFORDABLE HOUSING Design, conversions and implementation. DIFFERENT SECTORS Residential , commercial and retail design, documentation, council submission. "AS BUILT" Drawings, measuring up, photographic survey. DESIGN Of additions and alterations to residential,commercial , industrial and retail . PHRA-G Application compilation and submission JBCC Administration and advice (Principal building agreement & Minor works agreement) LOCAL AUTHORITY [...] Continue Reading

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Sellers, the ‘voetstoots’ clause won’t protect you anymore One of South Africa’s largest conveyancing firms has issued a strong warning to property sellers not to rely on the “blind protection” of the ‘voetstoets’ clause if they don’t have approved building plans. “The courts now place the responsibility of ensuring that there are approved plans for […]

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DEDICATED ARCHITECTURAL TEAM Abdullah Nabbie Architectural Designer N. Cert AT (AIE 2020) Cert. Engi. & 3D Printing Management (UJ 2020) Cert. Esntl. Project Management (AIE 2021) N. Dip AT (AIE 2021) Born:  10 August 2000 Age: 20 years Country of Origin: Johannesburg, South Africa Marital Status: Single Matriculated: 2018, Hoerskool President Education: N. Cert AT [...] Continue Reading

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House Stutz House Moroke 16 Simmonds Street Commercial House Rabia – Kyalami Residential The Rand Club Office Platina Commercial 2021-07_House Stutz-page-001 2021-07_House Stutz-page-002 2021-07_House Stutz-page-003 2021-07_House Stutz-page-004 2021-07_House Stutz-page-005 2021-07_House Stutz-page-006 House Stutz 2021-07_House T&C Moroke Rev 5-page-001 2021-07_House T&C Moroke Rev 5-page-002 2021-07_House T&C Moroke Rev 5-page-003 2021-07_House T&C Moroke Rev 5-page-004 2021-07_House T&C [...] Continue Reading